Format was used at the
Laboratory of Neuropharmacology, University of Oxford (Dr. Somogyi).


Format specification:

Encoding: ASCII text
Limitations: Binary only. Point soma.

Line 1:   number of neuron segments

Remaining lines each represent a small segment of neuron. Each line consists of five comma-separated elements, with basic form


In more detail:

data type
x-position (mm)
y-position (mm) z-position (mm) type
diameter (mm)
data value
Each of the co-ordinates occupies 8 character exactly (including '-' sign, decimal point '.',  and leading zeroes where necessary)

Occupies 3 characters exactly.

003 - start
004 - continuous point
005 - fibre swelling
006 - spine base
007 - binary branch
008 - terminal
Occupies 4 characters exactly (including decimal point '.', and leading zeros where neessary)




See the Nodus software user manual for a description of this format -    http://www.tnb.ua.ac.be/software/nodus/files/NodusManual.pdf